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Argos Fans vs. Bon Jovi…?

Heyl Argos Empire!

Y’know, in my nine years as a season ticket holder, I’ve seen Argos fans band together to fight many a foe; Argos fans vs. ticat fans, Argos fans vs. hunger, Argos fans vs. cancer, Argos fans vs. Rogers Centre scheduling,

And now, I’m about to see Argos fans vs…Bon Jovi?

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The Argos Draft Strategy

Hey Argos Empire!

The CFL entry draft is right around the corner, and the Argos will join the other eight teams in the league as they look to the future of their respective franchises and begin the process of drafting their stars of tomorrow.  The challenge is the general manager, coaches, coordinators, players, even the fans have different perspectives on what the team needs should be addressed.  Fortunately, our spies got access to the Argos draft strategy meeting and brought us the tape.  Check it out;

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How To Enjoy The Super Bowl As A CFL Fan

Hey Argos Empire!

It’s Super Bowl time, and all your favourite sports media outlets have drowned you in wave after wave of pregame analysis.  Some of you are excited because your team’s playing.  Some of you are excited because it looks like a good game on paper.  Some of you are excited because you know the chili from last year’s party’s making a return.  And some of you are pissed because this is such a bigger deal in the media than the Grey Cup is.  Well, not to worry, folks; I got your back.  Here’s some ideas how you, as a die-hard CFL fan can still enjoy the biggest game south of the border.

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Argos Host The Eskies In Week 8 CFL Action!

The 1st place Toronto Argos host the last place Edmonton Eskimos. Can the Argos avoid the dreaded ‘let down’ game, and stay focused on the task at hand? Jube lays it all out for ya!

2012 Grey Cup!!!

Jube is seriously excited about this year’s Grey Cup!