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The Argos D Wants NOISE!!! But, Just The D

Hey Argos Empire!
I wanted to share an email I sent the Toronto Argos last month.  Y’see, as an Argos season ticket holder and fan of the game, there’s something that happens at Argos games that bothers me.  There are several ‘Noise Meter’ prompts on the jumbotron that’ll encourage more noise, one generic one and one for Booster Juice (btw, LOVE Booster Juice! Please come to Peterborough!).  There’s also giveaways in the stands for Bet365.net as well as Argos merchandise.  Neither of these things bother me.  I love free stuff.  I love crowd noise.
My problem, is the timing.

How Can The Argos Get More Fans Out?

Hey there, Argos Empire.  How are ya?  Over Friday’s game yet?  Yeah, me neither.

Glad you could pop by ArgosEndZone today, because Mr. Dave Randorf of “The CFL on TSN” (@DaveRandorf) got me thinking when he posted this on twitter today:

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Argos Host The Stamps In The 100th Grey Cup Rematch

A big Friday night in Toronto as the Argos host the Stampeders in a rematch of the 100th Grey Cup.  The Argos also recognize the ’83 Grey Cup champs.  Everything you need to know in under 6 minutes here!

An Open Letter to Ejiro Kuale (and the Argos)

Excuse me, Mr. Kuale?

EJUmmm…Listen…I’m not known as a cunning linguist, so bear with me.  There’s something I’ve gotta say, and I feel most confident I speak on behalf of the entire Argos Empire when I say this;

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2012 Grey Cup!!!

Jube is seriously excited about this year’s Grey Cup!