2012 Toronto Argonaut Penalty Leaders

2012 was a great year for the Toronto Argonauts and a lot of records were set but here are a few that didn’t get mentioned and shouldn’t be forgotten by the coaching staff.

The total penalty yards (cumulative not actual as goal line infractions are counted at full total not half the distance to the goal) were 2293 yards on 213 infractions.  Just for fun if we were to turn that into touchdowns then this represents 38 scores or 266 points.

In regards to penalty yards two players standout head and shoulders above the crowd.

Ahmad Carroll was described by the Toronto Argonauts as:

“Ahmad Carroll had an excellent season with the Argonauts after joining the team following a long career in the NFL. Carroll ended the year with three interceptions, including a 38-yard pick-six in the Labour Day classic against Hamilton.  One of the many CFL rookies on the team, Carroll only got better throughout the year. He became an extremely reliable defensive back that the Boatmen could trust in clutch situations. “

Ahmad Carroll

What they forgot to say was the Mr. Carroll was the runaway leader on the team with 20 penalties for 336 yards (30 yards of which were declined).

In his defense the Corner Back position was the most penalized position for the Argonauts with 607 yards on 39 calls.

Eric Wilbur played a single game for the Toronto Argonauts as a kicker and in this one game he managed to accumulate the most penalties in a single game. 81 yards on 3 plays.

 Eric Wilbur

All penalty statistics for 2012 can be found on Nav Bar on the Argos’ End Zone webpage.

2013 will be available as the season progresses however look for changes to the record keeping including the returning to actual yards vs. cumulative, time and quarter of infraction. As always any discrepancies can be forwarded to Argos’ End Zone and after confirmation the webpage will be updated.

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