A Season Ends: One Fan’s Lament

Those that watched Sunday’s East Final already know the outcome.

And, it wasn’t in favour of our beloved Toronto Argos.



The Argos fell to the rival Hamilton Ti-Cats 36-24.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the finger-pointing begin!

(As a side note, a twitter search for the Argos twitter hashtag, #ArgosLive revealed more mentions of disgraced Toronto mayor Rob Ford than anything relating to what was happening on the field.)

Sure, I didn’t agree with Head Coach Scott Milanovich’s decision to take the holding penalty against Hamilton late in the 4th over forcing the field goal attempt, but I don’t get paid to make those calls (…Yet.).  I prefer to focus on what I can control; being at the game from beginning to end, and making as much noise as possible for the Argos defense.  The control thing is the big thing.  I can’t speak for all fans, but after an Argos loss, I find myself asking the question,

What could I have done differently?

Could I have been louder?  Should I have been on my feet more (contrary to the opinion of the guy behind me that tried to pull me into my seat then attempted to push me into the railing)?  Should I have painted my face?  Should I have turned my attention to the opposing fans, the way Hamilton’s fans do?

We all deal with the question, “What if?” Now and again.  As emotionally invested I am in the performance of the Argos there is nothing I could’ve done to change the outcome of the 2013 East Final.  This is tough for me to accept.  I don’t like being powerless.  I don’t like having to passively spectate an event whose outcome means so much to me.  But that’s the frustration of pro sports; we (as fans) pour our hearts into it and can only hope that everything works out.  When it does work, there’s a euphoria that words cannot describe.  When it doesn’t work, there’s a feeling of emptiness inside.  And just like the rest of us Argos fans, I’m feeling pretty empty right now.

That being said, the atmosphere around the dome Sunday was electric.  You could see both teams just feeding of their fan’s energy and enthusiasm.  I’m hoping that interest translates into more folks out for Argos home games next year.  And let’s not overlook what the Argos were able to accomplish this year.  First place in the East, first team to win four consecutive road games (from behind, might I add), eight CFL East All-Stars, a CFL record for completion percentage and touchdown-to-interception ratio, the CFL East top offensive lineman AND the CFL East’s most outstanding player.

But for right now, I’ll let Aliya-Jasmine Sovani convey how I feel –

Now, the long, unpredictable off season.  The Argos have the Canadian entry draft, free agency, AND the RedBlacks expansion draft to plan for.  The decisions made by GM Jim Barker over the next several months will excite some fans, enrage others.  But come Canada Day 2014 we will ALL once again support our beloved Double Blue.  And I for one am counting the days ’til Canada Day.

In the meantime, the 101st Grey Cup is this Sunday…Y’know…If you care.  As for me, I’m just gonna sit on my couch and eat my feelings. “Feelings” being an euphemism for, “40 pack of Timbits.”

…Wait, Tim Horton’s started in Hamilton???


photo courtesy of the Toronto Argos

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