An Open Letter To Andre Durie

Hey buddy,

Clearly, the news this week was absolutely the worst-case scenario for yourself and the Argos Empire.  There are few sentences I dislike more than, “Out for the season.” I mean, it’s right up there with, “ticat fans are here.” Anyone that follows you on Instagram knows how hard you worked this offseason, and we were all looking forward to a season of dominance from #32.

The question is, what now?

Sure, there’s obviously physio & rehab, but beyond that, what now?

I’m reminded of a wise, wise philosopher, on how to deal with crisis:

See, I’m seeing this, “Crisatudity” as a chance to expand your presence within the Argos Empire.  

There’s not a doubt in my mind you’ll continue to bring your energy and passion for the game to the practice field during the week and to the sideline during the game.  But what about more interaction with the fans? How cool would it be for Durie to be working the crowd a la Pinball Clemons?  


Photo ops, autographs, generally being accessible? For that matter, why not pairing up with Argos Cheer captain Jackie as the in-game hosts?  Wait, no.  You two hosting a pregame, halftime, and post-game show! That’s the kind of thing that’ll get fans in their seats early, making sure they’re informed (as in when to make noise), and save us from Frank D’Angelo halftime shows.  

See? Limitless options!  There’s still almost four weeks (?!) until the Argos return to the dome which means plenty of time to bring it all together and take full advantage of this, “Crisatudity.”

Stay strong, man.  I know we’ll be seeing this again in no time:

Local boy does good!


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