An Open Letter To Chad Kackert

Hey Buddy.

Chad-Kackert-rallyI just heard the most unfortunate news and wanted send you a quick message.

Clearly, this season hasn’t gone according to plan for you.  I mean, the team finished in first, and nobody will doubt you’re a, “team first” guy.  But, coming off the Grey Cup MVP performance and the contract renewal, I can only assume you were looking forward to a full season of starters snaps and CFL dominance.  Trust me:  The entire Argos Empire was looking forward to it as well.  The game you had in Saskatchewan?  Wow.  Talk about taking over a game, man!  We all felt that this was the breakout game you needed to turn the second half on its ear.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

The nagging injuries had you in ‘n’ out of the starting lineup thru the rest of the regular season.  And now, your season is over.

Or is it?

A wise family man once revealed this little nugget of wisdom to me:

Here’s where I see this silver lining.  Having you on the sideline, with your experience in the big game, observing from a different perspective, will be invaluable to your teammates for (hopefully) the next two games.  Just as Ricky Ray was Zach Collaros’ sounding board while Ray was injured, so can you be for Jerious Norwood and Curtis Steele.  There are still young guys on this roster that have never experienced the pressure of the CFL playoffs.  These guys are going to look to you for how to react.  Your player season may be over, but your mentor playoff is just beginning.

Beyond that, Here’s hoping we get to see this scene in an Argos hoodie this year, followed by in full uniform again next year.

Chad-Kackert-beer-GCGet better soon, Chad.  Your Argos Empire is counting on you to take full advantage of this, ‘crisatudity.’


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