An Open Letter to Ejiro Kuale (and the Argos)

Excuse me, Mr. Kuale?

EJUmmm…Listen…I’m not known as a cunning linguist, so bear with me.  There’s something I’ve gotta say, and I feel most confident I speak on behalf of the entire Argos Empire when I say this;

It’s time to come home.

Big AI’m far from a business major, and don’t pretend to fully understand salary cap management, but what I do know is your influence on the field and in the locker room played a pivotal role in the Toronto Argonauts reaching and winning the 100th Grey Cup.  I tell ya, that play on the reverse, where you first bit on the fake, but recovered & made the tackle deep in the backfield?  Unreal!  Just unreal, man.

Let’s face it; you’re an absolute beast!  You’re a linebacker/end hybrid whose speed & power are a match-up nightmare for the offense.  And the defense, for that matter!  Don’t think I forgot about your contributions at FB in short yardage.  Heck, how ’bout your work on special teams?  Dude, a player that excels in that many facets of the game is invaluable to any team.
Ya hear me, Montreal??? “INVALUABLE!!”


We haven’t even talked about your influence in the locker room.  A great player makes all players around him better, and your legendary pregame ‘pep talks’ clearly ignite a fire in your teammates that they take onto the field, and scorch the earth with it.  I was a (really, REALLY) lousy football player, but one thing I did learn is the player that wants to make the play more will make the play.  You can’t fake the emotion you show on the field, and your teammates (and the fans) feed off that emotion.  This, kind sir, is how you’ve influenced your team in a highly positive way even when you’re not on the field.

And this wouldn’t be unprecedented for a veteran to rejoin the Argos and make an impact.  Remember during the *shudder* Bart Andrus years, and they traded Byron Parker?  When he came back, it’s like he never missed a beat & is now the CFL all-time leader in interception return touchdowns (I still want him back with the Boatmen as well, btw).  Heck, Adriano Belli left the broadcast booth & rejoined the Double Blue just last year.  That move turned out pretty well, eh?

From where I sit (in Section 122) this is a win/win.  A proven big game performer rejoins a winning organization with some big games on the horizon.

I know, I know.  It’s not that easy.  GM Jim Barker has gotta shuffle some roster spots & cash to make it happen.  And, if it were that easy, you wouldn’t have gone to La Belle Province in the first place.  I can only assume both of you will have to partake in a little give ‘n’ take to make a deal happen.  Defensive Coordinator Chris Jones would have to work on incorporating you into his defensive rotation, but I got a hunch that would be a good problem for him to have, eh?

Am I biased?  Absolutely! But, your versatility & fire with Chris Jones’ defensive schemes and O’Shea’s special teams planning?  I’m feeling really good about a return to this situation.

So, what’s it gonna take to get you back in Double Blue?



P.S. #IsstIsst

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