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I’m likely going to take some heat for this one (not quite Outrider heat, eh Paully?), but I’m posting it anyway. You may say, hey lots of the stuff “” posts is crap soooo… — possibly, but we’re not the “official fan voice of the 100th Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts.“, and don’t describe ourselves as “social media experts“. With that out of the way, I present the Argos Admirals social media ninja-ness.

So, here’s an example of two tweets referencing the same play. The top one, as you can see, if courtesy of your Toronto Argonauts social media duo. Now, the Argos social crew make noise too often for my liking, but obviously they have a following among the Argo fan faithful – and they know what they’re doing (i.e. they know how to use the social tools). Side note: the one channel I follow of theirs is their Instagram feed – which I quite enjoy. The second tweet below, as you can see, is by the “social media experts” – your Argos Admirals.

Argos Admirals do Twitter

So, what do these two tweets say?

The Toronto Argonauts official twitter crew are broadcasting to their followers a statement that mentions Swayze Waters (and engages a fan comment to boot!) — How can they mention the player by their Twitter handle at the beginning of the Tweet AND have it broadcast to all? That little period (or your character/s of choice) before the “@…”

The Admirals tweet (sans-character before the “@…”) literally sends a personal message to Swayze Waters saying “with an 80 yard punt. Dang that boy…” — Yes, “that boy” – the one you’re sending the incoherent 1-to-1 message to.

Sooo, these are the experts?

You’re saying, Freddie it’s a typo… They got caught up in the game. Ok, exhibit B/C/D/E/F/G (and there’s likely more…):

Argos Admirals - Tweet Compilation

“Hey Rob Maver [Stamps punter] – punt goes out in the endzone…” — umm, yeah, don’t have to tell him — he was there.

Now, sure, many of you did see these tweets (though likely not the Maver one) – as you follow both the Ninjas (Admirals) and the various players (that’s how “The Twitter” works), but if you weren’t following one of these mentioned players, you’re not seeing these.

So, you can say “Freddie – get a life – Why do you spend the time to write the rant? Leave these passionate fans alone!” — Fair point (and I respect the passion) — and here’s my response: Because I actually care about this franchise – and want to see CFL football be a big deal in the big smoke once again. When the organization’s “sanctioned/endorsed” Fan Social Media Crew can’t even use Twitter properly then it looks bad – and doesn’t help the cause. You’re in the 5th-ish largest city in North America and they demand big. Act big…. or just, at least, do it properly.


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