Argos & Bombers in Week 4 action

Due to technical difficulties, no video preview this week. But in a nutshell…

Week 3 recap:
I told ya! I told ya! I told ya something ALWAYS happens when the Argos travel to Ottawa. And what happened? Ricky Ray throws his 300th career CFL touchdown, SJ Green continues to make Argos football fun with 210 yards receiving, Victor Butler with two more sacks, Jermaine Gabriel with an INT, Rico Murray with a TD, and the Argos pull off a come-from-behind win thanks to a missed extra point and a 56 yard field goal with no time left slips wide.

See? Fun!

Week 4 preview:
The Argos travel to Winnipeg to take on the Bombers. Winnipeg has an opportunistic defence, and an offence that can blow a game open. Toronto will have to control the time of possession & tire out the Bomber D.

Who to watch:
Offence – #19 SJ Green. Green is worth the price of admission alone. You think he’s covered, but Ray throws the ball anyway, and then you see a, “Highlight of the Night/Ram 1v1” calibre catch. The man makes football fun!

Defence – #48 Bear Woods. With the Bombers having one of the most dangerous RB’s in the league in Andrew Harris, I’m looking for Woods to make life miserable for Winnipeg ballcarriers. After recording seven tackles in the first half of Week 3, expect to hear his name quite a bit on Thursday.

Week 4 prediction:
Heck, I dunno…How ’bout 27-20 for the Boatmen?

Tune in Thursday at 8:30 to see how wrong I am this week!

I’m gonna try to get this technical stuff worked out ASAP, because this is just too much damn typing.

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