Argonauts / Tiger-Cats Post Game Chat: Labour Day 2014

Using Google Hangouts once again, we bring to you a quick 20ish minutes of post game chat following the 2014 Labour Day game between the Argos and Ti-Cats.

Discussed were:
– Argos inconsistency
– Argos offense
– Lack of Argos receivers
– Ray sacks and the offensive line
– Too predictable Argos offense
– Kick returns and fumbles
– Swayze Waters!
– Zack Collaros
– Kent Austin and, um, Barrie Nissan
– Tiger-Cats’ new Signature uniforms
– Calgary’s new Signature look
– Tim Horton’s Field
– Argos injuries: Durie, Owens
– Playing in Toronto: Good or bad?
– Batu (“Turkish Bradwell”) returns! (20:05)
– Argos Cheerleaders calendar
– Next game

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