Argos End Zone Tools

Today we break down the tools of an Argos End Zoner and the proper etiquette for the use of each item.

Firstly we start with the Jersey. This is necessary as while in the End Zone one will wish to blend in with the local flora and fauna. To not do so would be considered lacking in social graces and having no class (see Hamilton Tiger-Cats for further details on lacking class).


Next we move on to the required haberdashery of an Argos End Zone participant. Though a ball cap is acceptable in football terms larger is better.


Next comes noise making devices to assist the Defense. First we start with the Cow Bell.

Too fast for you? Here’s what it looks like in slow motion.

How about something more advanced. Let’s try a horn, cow bell, jersey and hat all at once!


Finally we end with some non-standard items but still a lot of fun and if you don’t know what they are for then don’t ask.


Always remember to look and act your best as someone could be watching you and that someone could be a Cheerleader!

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail!


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