Argos / Eskimos Post Game Show: August 23, 2014

Here’s something new. We decided to give Google Hangouts On Air a try last night after the Argonauts/Eskimos game. It was supposed to be simply a roundtable discussion on the game we just watched (Argos lost to the Esks!), but turned out to be a ‘plethora’ of topics – and some special guests (“Turkish Bradwell!” and Creepy Mic Guy) as well.

It seems to be a fantastic vehicle to have Argos fans chat about the game, the team, and everything related (and, as you can see by Version One, everything unrelated).

Here’s run down of the topics discussed (or skip right to the video):

– BC/Argos game last Sunday
– Edmonton/Argos recap
– Ricky Ray running
– Mike Bradwell has nothing going on
– Bradwell on kick returns
– The “Fair Catch” rule in the NFL
– Too many channels
– ArgosEndZone After Dark announcement
– Owens injury
– Other injuries
– Lack of viewers
– Swayze Waters
– Noel Prefontaine
– Home attendance and noise
– Argos and BMO Field
– Argos financial losses
– David Braley
– Mark Cohon (and the health of the CFL)
– Turkish Bradwell (special guest!): 25:37
– Credit cards
– Lebron James
– The new CFL Commissioner
– TSN and cable
– Argos home schedule
– Pregame spots
– Name plates and Argos signature jerseys
– Other signature jerseys
– BC Lions guaranteed win
– Rider billboards
– BC Lions attendance
– NFL and Bon Jovi
– Tailgaiting
– The demographic the Argos don’t hit
– Buying the Argos
– Stempinski!
– Jube’s first experience with live CFL
– Ticket prices
– Argos playing in front of big crowds
– Batu (“Turkish Bradwell”) plays some live music – 1:18:46
– Sex
– Coke
– Argos attendance
– White collar town and a blue collar sport
– Argos in the 70s
– The Toronto Rock
– Cheezits!
– Does the CFL need Toronto?
– Argos ticket prices – too expensive?
– Twitter tickets and other marketing techniques
– The Dome
– Blue Jays home opener!
– A winning team and attendance
– An event beyond what’s on the field
– Promo events during the game
– Promotion ideas
– The Petes (!)
– Pizza Hut cares!
– A limited number of game balls and the missed opportunity with creating new fans

Note: There’s a little bit of language that’s not suitable for kids.

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