Argos Fans vs. Bon Jovi…?

Heyl Argos Empire!

Y’know, in my nine years as a season ticket holder, I’ve seen Argos fans band together to fight many a foe; Argos fans vs. ticat fans, Argos fans vs. hunger, Argos fans vs. cancer, Argos fans vs. Rogers Centre scheduling,

And now, I’m about to see Argos fans vs…Bon Jovi?

Yes, it’s true.  A Bon Jovi CD burning is coming to a parking lot near you…As long as you live near Rogers Centre.

Now, I’m not a business major, but the experts seem to believe that the bid by the owner of the Buffalo Sabres is the favourite, to the point of calling the Bon Jovi/Tanenbaum/Rogers bid, “Disorganized.”  Combine that with the public letter Bon Jovi sent to a Buffalo newspaper expressing is interest in keeping the team in Buffalo, and you’ve got an awful lot of people upset over what they speculate someone’s going to do.

So, what does this have to do with the Argos, you ask?

I have no idea.

Y’see, from where I’m standing, the NFL isn’t a threat to the CFL or the Toronto Argos.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has long told interested parties in Toronto that he does not want to be the commissioner that kills the CFL, and so, the Toronto Argonauts must be protected.  Since Goodell is the commissioner, he’ll have the final say in any franchise transaction, meaning an NFL move to Toronto would require a stabilized ownership situation for the Argos.

The other thing I don’t understand is this inferiority complex that permeates the CFL fan psyche in regards to the NFL.  It’s as if the Canadian Football League will close its doors if the NFL ever moves North of the border.  I’ve never fully understood this opinion.  They’re two different businesses. Without getting too deep into the financials, the, “Bills in Toronto” group was going to charge me per game what I pay for the entire Argos season for my seat.  Is there anyone that thinks I’ve been an Argos season ticket holder for nine seasons as a way of tiding myself over until the NFL comes to town and I can jump ship?  Is there anyone that thinks I’ll start writing for an NFL team fan blog once they put a team in Toronto?  Is there anyone that thinks I’ll abandon the Double Blue because an American-based entertainment product relocates to El Toro?

Look, I’m not opposed to the NFL.  By the same token, I don’t feel a need for exclusivity for fans of either league.  What’s wrong with being a fan of the CFL and the NFL?  I happen to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, yet the CFL version of the Black & Gold turns my stomach (yeah, I’m looking at you, Hamilton).  We’re talking about two different games here, folks.  Just because they share two of the three words making up their names doesn’t mean they’re the same thing.

What I’m saying is, the NFL doesn’t scare me.

As for Jon Bon Jovi, Bills fans probably consider him Wanted Dead or Alive, saying, “You Give Love a Bad Name!”  But I think they’ve gotta swallow this Bad Medicine, Never Say Goodbye, and tell him to Have a Nice Day.  And before any Bills fans wanna Lay Your Hands On Me, I’ve gotta remind ’em that Jon’s bid is Livin’ On A Prayer.  Besides, It’s My Life, and I’m no Runaway.  I mean, Who Says You Can’t Go Home?  Keep The Faith, Bills fans, Always!

Bed Of Roses.

2 thoughts on “Argos Fans vs. Bon Jovi…?

  1. Dean Clarke

    Well said. I too don’t understand why every one feels the NFL HAS to expand north of the border.
    I live in Calgary and I wouldn’t want the NFL in Alberta . The NFL is a different brand of football that’s it. They have they’re fans ( me included)
    But I will always love the CFL. It truly is our game .

  2. mark

    The issue is that the argos have a season ticket base if 3,000. The other ppl that attend games will drop significantly and hinder the ability to operate the franchise beyond what they currently experience. All marketing dollars will go to the nfl team as well. The nfl in toronto will be the death of the argos, maybe even Hamilton and possibly the entire Cfl.


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