Easiest Way to Get Free Argos Merchandise

You’re saying, “Fred, what are we doing?” — sorry, that was Murray… Let me start over.

You’re saying, “Fred, what’s the easiest way to win some Toronto Argonauts merchandise?” — You know, t-shirts, autographed footballs, hats, etc…

Your answer (eventually):

Attend one of the Away Game Viewing Parties that the Argos put on. They’re at Shoeless Joe’s on King near John.

At first I thought (when they said the game will be on the big screens and the sound will be on) that they’re literally getting all the screens in the place to have the Argos game on — that’d be great! No such luck: You’re whisked away to a back room w/ a bunch of lazy-boys and then a couple rows of tables and chairs. There are two big screens with the game on — yes, full sound. Anyway, not what I expected, but we rolled with it.

For a huge city like Toronto (sure, few care about the double-blue in this town, but…) what was the turn out at this party (Argos vs Bombers)?: Maybe no more than 25 (that may be high)… of which staff and players probably made up at least 10. It was Nuit Blanche that night, so that didn’t help, I suppose.

Oh, right, so they do a bunch of draws throughout the night for the free Argos swag. Based on numbers alone, you have a great chance of winning something. Come with someone who doesn’t really care about football and your chances instantly double! Oh, and your grub bill is 20% off as an attendee.

Anyway, slight disappointment aside (the lack of turn out), thanks to the Argos for putting it on and for something to ‘better’ my Kerry Joseph autographed football (long story there — one that will get told one day, and appear in the Argos End Zone Hall of Fame).

Back to the dome now: Argos vs Riders!

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