Argos Return to Varsity Stadium

This summer the hottest ticket will be when the Toronto Argonauts return to the haunted Varsity Stadium. There will be security at the door (the password is Ticats suck) but once you get in this showdown should have everything. You’ll see fans, homers, losers, tweakers, hippies, preps and Jim Barkers mother asking him if he is ready for the game.

While trying to get to the stadium watch out for these guys on Bloor Street as they have been known to have a serious ankle fetish and aren’t afraid to stop you in the street to smell your feet. 

Problems with Bloor Street

Agressive panhandlers on Bloor Street

Also fans should remember that Varsity is an open stadium so we can’t close it if it gets too sunny or rainy so you should dress appropriately for the game. We could end up seeing something like this. 

No Dome at Varsity - No Problem!

No Dome at Varsity – No Problem!

Have fun at the game and remember if the forecast is for rain everyone should wear white (it is before Labour Day!).

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail!



One thought on “Argos Return to Varsity Stadium

  1. Jube

    I was excited when I thought it was an actual stadium we were going to, not a field that looks like my old high school one.


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