Argos Town Hall: Recap

Your Toronto Argonauts put on a great event for Season Ticket Holders last night. The Argos End Zone crew were tweeting annoyingly… and so we decided to recap it all here, on our dubya-dubya-dubya page.

Jays obviously have first say on dates… and also are looking at grass at the Dome – which would leave the Argos on the outside.

Mississauga facility for practice (even before it burned to the ground) is described by Rudge as…

Rudge recalls games waaaaaaaaaaay back at Varsity when fans would skip out to the LCBO.

Crowd ‘gear’ suggestion is scarves… soooo, more like soccer? No thanks.

Taping the interview…

Rudge spotted wandering w/ ‘Canadian’ in hand.

Superfan has sore hands:

Great interview about the Huddle Up program.

Cohon makes his fine-mug appearance.

… and is a fan of Kate:

Fans complain about lack of hotel rooms in Saskatchewan for the Grey Cup. Must. Get. Creative.

Ottawa’s return:

“cloning”… yeah:

25% of players won’t return to the team, normally.

Competing w/ the Leafs…

Barker on Chad and his MMA appearance(s):

Mitchell ‘situation’:


Coach and Belli played against each other in the (lame) XFL.

Rudge: 10 years ago, when they revamped Varsity, was the time to talk… Too late now.

Crowd want the boat-logo back:

Varsity game wasn’t by design… it was in desperation (but well spun by the Argos):

Argos demo ‘older’… Good question from the crowd about getting younger demo interested.


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