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Argos Memorabilia

For a long time now I’ve been looking for a piece of “Canadiana”; something that defines Canada for me as an Upper Canadian and more specifically a Southern Ontarian.

The East Coast has its rich nautical history, the West Coast the Indian traditions, the Arctic scrimshaw and gold rush history, French culture and Manitoba has mosquitoes. Sadly unless you are a UEL or an IODE relatively little of our indigenous Ontario history appeals to our sensibilities. On my eternal quest for my definition of Canadiana I noticed that the Toronto Argonauts were holding their annual locker room sale. For those of you that don’t know just before Christmas most of the CFL teams open their locker rooms to sell off excess inventory and it’s a great chance to meet members to the team, staff and cheerleaders.

I went to the sale to see if I could find Danny Brannagan’s Toronto Argonauts jersey. What could be more Ontarian then a QB from our own province.

A Rare Canadian QB

A Rare Canadian QB

I met with the extremely friendly staff and trainers and ask if they still had his jersey. Mike O’Shea helped me with my search through the older items and in the end I was able to find his only blue authentic home jersey in existence. What did I do with it?

A little Canadiana

A little Canadiana 

Yes, I know it’s not the 100th Grey Cup jersey and he never got to play in this game but I do think that it’s something unique and local to our part of Canada.

I showed someone a picture of the shirt and out of the blue she told me her Uncle played with the Argo’s in the 1930’s winning a couple Grey Cups and collecting several Grey Cup watches for the wins (they didn’t get rings in the 1930’s) and that was her little bit of Canadiana.

So for those of you looking for something distinctly Canadian may I suggest a visit to your local CFL team post season locker room sale. You never know what little bit of history you might find.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

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Welcome back to the CFL Justin Medlock

Ok, ok …. I know he’s a Ti-Cat but when Justin was an Argo he was personally (though unwittingly) responsible for the one of the top ten greatest night in Paully Section 122 History (that is if you don’t include the Grey Cup, meeting cheerleader #966 / Emily, Vacation 2000 running woman …..). Did you know that you can’t keep field goals that are kicked into the stands?


Well. That’s not entirely true. The fact of the matter is that you can keep them if you’re fast or you have people who solve things for you (Yeah it’ll be a problem, a problem for them!).


Fortunately Section 122 has people who are both and because of this Justin’s left leg and wide right punts netted Section 122 four footballs on just two punts. Yes you read correctly four balls on two punts! I know the math doesn’t add up (unless you’re a Ti-Cats fan then the math looks just about right) but trust me it happened.

Therefore we in the Argos End Zone want to welcome Justin back to the CFL and let all the end zoners wide right of the field goal to be on the watch for drifting 3 pointers from the 10 yard line because lord knows the Ti-Cats won’t be scoring any touchdowns.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

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Shane Horton

I know it’s been a long time but I was busy in my parent’s basement and haven’t had time to post hard hitting articles for you the people. Looking back and reflecting on the season there were a couple of things we wanted to try in the Argos End Zone but just didn’t have time to finish. I personally feel that the defense doesn’t get the glamour that the offense does and there was one person who wasn’t flashy but I felt deserved to be singled out on the defensive crew.

Shane Horton this one’s for you big guy!


When a play had to be made and the regulars weren’t there Shane was there to come up with the play. Hope you enjoy the love!

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

P.S.: We like Tim Horton Too!

Punt Returns – Position Open

 Hey Scott,

Can I be the new punt return guy? I’ll catch the ball and just lie down. I promise not to run backwards after I catch it like Trent Guy and we’ll still be better off. I’ll have 0 total yards and still beat Guy for yards!

Jason Pottinger and Section 122

So I’m sitting in my parent’s downtown Toronto basement thinking about my next Calgary Outriders posting and I realize I haven’t really gotten to know my Toronto Argonauts! Where should I start ….? How about #46 Jason Pottinger. Lets post a picture.

Section 122 Seat 107?

Jason Pottinger Section 122 Seat 107 look alike?

Is it me or does anyone else see the resemblance to a Section 122’er here?

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail!

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Almost looks like a young Mats Sundin!