BC Felion Cheerleader gets Serious in the Lions Den?

During the Grey Cup there are all kinds of little side stories that never get exposed because there is too much going on. We here at Argos End Zone want to bring all fans closer to the game we love and highlight some of the smaller (but no less important stories) that don’t always make it. So on this note let me introduce to the Cheerleader who I can’t confirm but certainly looks to have been very hungover during her performance at the Grey Cup.


Here she is third from the front on the left hand side looking just off camera and if I were to guess I would say this is probably Caitlin.


I bet you thought that we were all uncouth drinking fans that weren’t paying attention to the real action in the End Zone. Well I am here to tell you we have eyes everywhere (but not in a creepy way). She was two steps behind and didn’t bother to use her pom poms.


For me alleged Caitlin you embody all that is good in Cheerleading and next year I want to see the whole team follow her lead.


Jagerbombs forever and thank you to a person in touch with the very spirit of the Grey Cup.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

Note: Caitlin picture is property of http://www.bclions.com/cheerleaders and is in no way affiliated with Argos End Zone.

P.S.: We were all uncouth drinking fans!

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