Best Argos Fan Award – Jube of the Year

Well the time has come Argo’s fans for you to vote on the Argo’s Fan of the Year. The auspicious award has been called the Jube of the Year. Named in honour of Mr Bill Juby Jr. this award is for the person that best exemplifies the passion of the Argos End Zone.

The Voting rules are as follows:

  1. No Juby can be voted for (sorry it’s not classy to win your own award).
  2. Anyone, section, cheerleader etc. can be voted for but members of the Argo’s team and management can not be selected.
  3. Voting can shamelessly be solicited (on that note please vote for me – Paul).
  4. You can’t vote for yourself.
  5. In the event of a tie Mr. Juby will select the winner (this is his privilege as he can not be voted for).

How do I vote?:

  1. Feel free to vote on the web page.
  2. Direct communication to any member of the Argo’s End Zone Crew during the game (We are in Section 122-123 – front row of the End Zone).
  3. Vote on twitter.

What do I win?:

  1. Your name is inscribed on the “Jube of the Year” trophy
  2. Your photograph (with the trophy) and your acceptance speech posted on the webpage.
  3. The love and admiration of Section 122-123.

This is the inaugural year so get out there and vote. Also note I will post a picture of the trophy when it is ready for pick-up.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail!

4 thoughts on “Best Argos Fan Award – Jube of the Year

  1. shakil

    I vote for that steel drum guy at the end of the end zone. You know that guy with the blue drum hanging off the railing. He’s riding the rail, well the drum is at least.


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