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Argos Memorabilia

For a long time now I’ve been looking for a piece of “Canadiana”; something that defines Canada for me as an Upper Canadian and more specifically a Southern Ontarian.

The East Coast has its rich nautical history, the West Coast the Indian traditions, the Arctic scrimshaw and gold rush history, French culture and Manitoba has mosquitoes. Sadly unless you are a UEL or an IODE relatively little of our indigenous Ontario history appeals to our sensibilities. On my eternal quest for my definition of Canadiana I noticed that the Toronto Argonauts were holding their annual locker room sale. For those of you that don’t know just before Christmas most of the CFL teams open their locker rooms to sell off excess inventory and it’s a great chance to meet members to the team, staff and cheerleaders.

I went to the sale to see if I could find Danny Brannagan’s Toronto Argonauts jersey. What could be more Ontarian then a QB from our own province.

A Rare Canadian QB

A Rare Canadian QB

I met with the extremely friendly staff and trainers and ask if they still had his jersey. Mike O’Shea helped me with my search through the older items and in the end I was able to find his only blue authentic home jersey in existence. What did I do with it?

A little Canadiana

A little Canadiana 

Yes, I know it’s not the 100th Grey Cup jersey and he never got to play in this game but I do think that it’s something unique and local to our part of Canada.

I showed someone a picture of the shirt and out of the blue she told me her Uncle played with the Argo’s in the 1930’s winning a couple Grey Cups and collecting several Grey Cup watches for the wins (they didn’t get rings in the 1930’s) and that was her little bit of Canadiana.

So for those of you looking for something distinctly Canadian may I suggest a visit to your local CFL team post season locker room sale. You never know what little bit of history you might find.

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Argos Return to Varsity Stadium

This summer the hottest ticket will be when the Toronto Argonauts return to the haunted Varsity Stadium. There will be security at the door (the password is Ticats suck) but once you get in this showdown should have everything. You’ll see fans, homers, losers, tweakers, hippies, preps and Jim Barkers mother asking him if he is ready for the game.

While trying to get to the stadium watch out for these guys on Bloor Street as they have been known to have a serious ankle fetish and aren’t afraid to stop you in the street to smell your feet. 

Problems with Bloor Street

Agressive panhandlers on Bloor Street

Also fans should remember that Varsity is an open stadium so we can’t close it if it gets too sunny or rainy so you should dress appropriately for the game. We could end up seeing something like this. 

No Dome at Varsity - No Problem!

No Dome at Varsity – No Problem!

Have fun at the game and remember if the forecast is for rain everyone should wear white (it is before Labour Day!).

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The Original Argos End Zone

I just found this and thought everyone would enjoy.

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Noel Prefontaine Punched in the Head: Video

I was reading the Post article today that highighted some of the crazy things that Noel Prefontaine has gone through as a long serving member of the Toronto Argonauts.

“During a game in 2005, Prefontaine was barking at teammate Robert Baker for showing a lack of discipline on the field. The receiver sucker-punched Prefontaine in the jaw, on the sidelines, on national television.”

Oh, you want the video? Voila:

Noel Prefontaine punched in the head

(oh, and some Rob Ray bonus coverage)

John Candy and Your Toronto Argonauts

I was stumbling through YouTube today watching various Argonauts clips and this one was on the sidebar. I’d never seen the TSN documentary about John Candy and the Argos: True Double Blue. Enjoy.