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Thanksgiving At The Barker’s

Scene:  Argos GM Jim Barker is hosting the team for Thanksgiving.  A cornucopia of delights laid out on the massive dining room table. 

thanksgivingBarker and the coaching staff are sitting at the head of the table when head coach Scott Milanovich calls for the rest of the guests. Continue Reading

Hamilton Tiger Cats Math = Grey Cups?

So I was on the Ti-Cats website checking out the various pages (Cheerleaders + Lauren = Awesome) and I noticed that they “claim” to have won the Grey Cup 15 times. Conventional wisdom is that the Toronto Argonauts have won the most championship so I pulled up a previous Grey Cup winner’s webpage to see how this was possible. It appears with a little bit of “Hamilton Math” they were able to justifiably claim the 15 titles. So what happens to the rest of the teams if we use Hamilton Math to determine Cup winners? Well let’s find out!

Ti-Cats Brain Trust!

Ti-Cats Brain Trust!

According to Hamilton Math the Ti-Cats get credit for any winner that came out of Hamilton. So if we do the same with Toronto teams they get 7 more championships. Cool!

Next we need to deal with defunct teams in Ontario that Hamilton didn’t bother to take credit for. Looks like those go to the Argos as well – chalk up 5 more wins please.

What about Ottawa? No problem! Regina and Ottawa had/have teams with the same name. Looks like 10 more for the Riders. Welcome to 13 wins (Yeah I threw in the 2 Senators Cups. I mean what the hell.)

Hey, Toronto and BC currently have the same ownership group. I guess we get theirs and they get ours! That’s 6 more to Toronto and 16 more for BC. Congrats BC can’t wait to see the rings!

What to do about Baltimore? They became Montreal but were in a different country at the time hmmmmm….. what would Hamilton do? If you guessed Montreal gets half a win and Calgary gets the other half you would be right. Looks like there were no rings that year just a pair of ear rings.Calgary you now have 6.5 Cups and Montreal 8.5 (Yes, Hamilton Math also dictates that the Als get the 1931 cup even though they didn’t exist until 1946!).

Edmonton stays put at 13 wins and Winnipeg at 10 to close out the winners.

OK. Now for the final tabulation of Grey Cup wins according to Hamilton Math.

Toronto = 34

BC = 22

Hamilton = 15

Saskatchewan = 13

Edmonton = 13

Winnipeg = 10

Montreal = 8.5

Calgary = 6.5

Navy = 1

Want the final wonder of Hamilton Math! Last year was the celebration of the 100th Grey Cup but if you use Hamilton’s calculations there have been 123 winners! Simply amazing!! These poeople need to be in politics or a nut house.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail!

P.S.: All totals listed here are only real in Hamilton. The same as pink elephants and flying pigs.


Jube Of The Year!

Jube of the Year Trophy for Argos SuperFan

What’s better than all the holidays put together (except Halloween of course)? It’s the Jube Of The Year presentation. Ok fans now is the time to go CRAZY!

Victory 3

You the people have voted for their first ever Jube Of The Year and your selection by a landslide 87% was Phoenix Haque.


Jube Of the Year! Phoenix Haque

Jube Of the Year!
Phoenix Haque

Don’t know who he is? Remember this Guy?! No seriously Pinball, Phoenix is the man!

pinball     Low Rider

Congratulations to Phoenix who followed all the rules of the Jube Of The Year and shamelessly solicited votes from whoever he could. To everyone else better luck next year and while we are at it may I suggest this guy? I think he has real potential!


Jube of the Year Trophy

Bitter Loser.

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2012 Toronto Argonaut Penalty Leaders

2012 was a great year for the Toronto Argonauts and a lot of records were set but here are a few that didn’t get mentioned and shouldn’t be forgotten by the coaching staff.

The total penalty yards (cumulative not actual as goal line infractions are counted at full total not half the distance to the goal) were 2293 yards on 213 infractions.  Just for fun if we were to turn that into touchdowns then this represents 38 scores or 266 points.

In regards to penalty yards two players standout head and shoulders above the crowd.

Ahmad Carroll was described by the Toronto Argonauts as:

“Ahmad Carroll had an excellent season with the Argonauts after joining the team following a long career in the NFL. Carroll ended the year with three interceptions, including a 38-yard pick-six in the Labour Day classic against Hamilton.  One of the many CFL rookies on the team, Carroll only got better throughout the year. He became an extremely reliable defensive back that the Boatmen could trust in clutch situations. “

Ahmad Carroll

What they forgot to say was the Mr. Carroll was the runaway leader on the team with 20 penalties for 336 yards (30 yards of which were declined).

In his defense the Corner Back position was the most penalized position for the Argonauts with 607 yards on 39 calls.

Eric Wilbur played a single game for the Toronto Argonauts as a kicker and in this one game he managed to accumulate the most penalties in a single game. 81 yards on 3 plays.

 Eric Wilbur

All penalty statistics for 2012 can be found on Nav Bar on the Argos’ End Zone webpage.

2013 will be available as the season progresses however look for changes to the record keeping including the returning to actual yards vs. cumulative, time and quarter of infraction. As always any discrepancies can be forwarded to Argos’ End Zone and after confirmation the webpage will be updated.

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Randy the Argos Sign and Paint Guy: For the Ladies

Argos fans: Let me introduce you to Randy. No, no, not Randy Watson – a different Randy.

I’m talking about Randy the sign and field paint guy for your Argos home games. He introduced himself in the comment section here at
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