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An Open Letter To Andre Durie

Hey buddy,

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2015 Schedule Review

Hey Argos Empire!

The 2015 CFL schedule has been released, and, well…

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Welcome To The Empire

Hey Argos fans!

I wanna talk to you about clichés.  Specifically, sports clichés.  Sports is full of ’em; Gotta give 100%, gotta play a full 60 minutes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  You’ve heard ’em all.

But, there’s one that I’d like to change, specifically for the Argos…

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Argos / Eskimos Post Game Show: August 23, 2014

Here’s something new. We decided to give Google Hangouts On Air a try last night after the Argonauts/Eskimos game. It was supposed to be simply a roundtable discussion on the game we just watched (Argos lost to the Esks!), but turned out to be a ‘plethora’ of topics – and some special guests (“Turkish Bradwell!” and Creepy Mic Guy) as well.

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Advertising Poster Boy Rivalry Among the ‘Zone?

At least one member of the Argos End Zone crew has finally gotten sick of Jube (and somewhat Paully) being the advertising poster-boy(s) of the group (Exhibit A, below):
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