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Argos Admirals – The Social Media Ninjas

I’m likely going to take some heat for this one (not quite Outrider heat, eh Paully?), but I’m posting it anyway. You may say, hey lots of the stuff “” posts is crap soooo… — possibly, but we’re not the “official fan voice of the 100th Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts.“, and don’t describe ourselves as “social media experts“. With that out of the way, I present the Argos Admirals social media ninja-ness.
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The Argos D Wants NOISE!!! But, Just The D

Hey Argos Empire!
I wanted to share an email I sent the Toronto Argos last month.  Y’see, as an Argos season ticket holder and fan of the game, there’s something that happens at Argos games that bothers me.  There are several ‘Noise Meter’ prompts on the jumbotron that’ll encourage more noise, one generic one and one for Booster Juice (btw, LOVE Booster Juice! Please come to Peterborough!).  There’s also giveaways in the stands for as well as Argos merchandise.  Neither of these things bother me.  I love free stuff.  I love crowd noise.
My problem, is the timing.

Toronto Argos News on Twitter

You love your Toronto Argos. Can’t get enough news about your Argos… but you have to wade through a zillion retweets and such from your Argos (and friends) social crew(s).
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Argos Town Hall: Recap

Your Toronto Argonauts put on a great event for Season Ticket Holders last night. The Argos End Zone crew were tweeting annoyingly… and so we decided to recap it all here, on our dubya-dubya-dubya page.
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Argos Town Hall 2013: For Season Ticket Holders

Looking for information on the Toronto Argos Season Ticket Holder Town Hall? Ahhh, you tried the old Google and nothing came up. That’s cuz the Argos placed that valuable information on their Facebook page only — cuz, everyone has Facebook, right… right!!? No.
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