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Argos Host ticats in BMO Opener

The new:

The old:
Hating Hamilton

An Open Letter To TSN’s Jennifer Hedger

Hey Buddy.

Promoting "futbol"

Promoting “futbol”

Sooo…What’s new?

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An Open Letter To The Blue Jays (And Their Fans)

Hey guys.


If you follow the Argos or any Argos fans on social media, you might’ve noticed a bit of an outcry last week when it was announced that the Argos Oct. 6h home game against the REDBLACKS was being relocated to Ottawa to accommodate your potential playoff game.

Lemme set the record straight:

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In Defense Of The Argos Cheerleaders

Hey Argos Empire!

After a long day at the grind earlier this week, I came home, put my feet up, opened up a Stock, turned on the Thursday night game, and opened Facebook…

…To a shit storm of an online argument amongst the Empire.

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Love The Team, Hate The Sponsor

Hey Argos Empire!

While at Sunday’s Argos/REDBLACKS game at Rogers Centre, I couldn’t help but notice how few REDBLACKS fans I saw in attendance.  Sure, it’s a 4+ hour drive (or 5+ hour train ride), but with the energy they show at their home stadium I honestly anticipated/hoped for an influx of passionate opposing football fans in the dome to add to the game atmosphere.

Didn’t happen.

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