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How To Enjoy The 2014 Grey Cup As An Argos Fan

Hey Argos Empire!

The 102nd Grey Cup kicks off in Vancouver, but our beloved Double Blue will not be taking part.

But The Empire need not fear!  Here’s some tips on how to enjoy the CFL finale without the Argos playing (I know, I know; it won’t be as awesome, but we’ve gotta try, eh?).

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Argos Town Hall: Recap

Your Toronto Argonauts put on a great event for Season Ticket Holders last night. The Argos End Zone crew were tweeting annoyingly… and so we decided to recap it all here, on our dubya-dubya-dubya page.
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Argos Town Hall 2013: For Season Ticket Holders

Looking for information on the Toronto Argos Season Ticket Holder Town Hall? Ahhh, you tried the old Google and nothing came up. That’s cuz the Argos placed that valuable information on their Facebook page only — cuz, everyone has Facebook, right… right!!? No.
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Grey Cup Party Pix

Most of the Argos End Zone attended last weeks Argonauts Grey Cup party at Shoeless Joe’s. A foursome of pix from that event:
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Riderville 2012

When the Argos End Zone Crew aren’t out hobnobbing with the local society hags we like to mingle with fellow End Zoners. This being the Grey Cup and the crew being at Riderville it was an excellent opportunity to see how other CFL fans like to celebrate the Grey Cup.

Some people like to get drunk and run a savage burn on the locals. Remember Riderville loves a drunk but never burn the locals. These people didn’t follow the rules!  

Now look how we do it in the Argos End Zone. Make light conversation, find talking points, and lull them into a false sense of security. Look here – see Bill chatting with Rider and Stamps fans. Good work Bill! Argo’s Cheerleaders notice the 2013 calendar under Bill’s arm – yup we’re always pushing the brand.


Fred goes one step further than anyone expected and lays down a full horse whisper routine. Amazing Fred. You should have your own reality TV show and a national charity. We just need to find you a B list celebrity to promote your cause.

Can you spot the ultimate Rider fan? I can. 

All and all not a bad time spent by the End Zone Crew in Riderville and we have learned a very important lesson from our western friends. The Roughriders may a lose the game but they have never lost a party. Words that your Argos End Zone will try to live by.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail! 

P.S.: We met a lot of Argo’s fans over the weekend including fellow 122’ers who were at Riderville. I did get pictures however they did not transfer over from the phone properly and were lost. I promise if you guys (and you know who you are) are in the End Zone next year I’ll do a write-up about your group.