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Exploring the Toronto Argonauts End Zone

The Rogers Center is a really big place and Section 122-123 is not the only section out there. Therefore we rail riders have decided to reach out to the other end zone sections of note and see how they enjoy the game. Today we focus on Section 118 and how they “Bring the Noise”. When the rail riders were just a small group we looked to Section 118 for inspiration. Always one of the loudest sections of the end zone they keep the team motivated and libations flowing. Unfortunately due to circumstances  things have been quite for awhile but we have learned that the NOISE will be brought to the game on August 6th. We in Section 122-123 solute you and look forward to it.


If you want to contact Section 118 the following twitter account will link you to their spiritual leader ArgoEndzone Drum guy@GIVENS38   


Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

Bill and Paul Check out the New Jersey

I just realized that my last post had everything except a picture of the new jersey. Here is Bill posing with it and a couple of pictures of people who are not Cheerleaders.

Bill with Chad – Who is not a Cheerleader


Paul with Jeff Keeping who is not a Cheerleader.

The Pin Ball on Stage. A true Toronto jem but not a Cheerleader.

Hope all enjoyed and don’t forget Section 122 – 123 Ride the Rail.