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Argos Video Tribute!

Hey Argos Empire!

One of the gang was saying ages ago that, “Magneto’s Theme” from, “X-Men: First Class” would be a great team intro song.  Well, I decided to find out how well it worked with the high energy Toronto Argos.

The result?
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Jube of the Year Voting Goes Online

Jube of the Year (your un-official Toronto Argonauts Super Fan prize) has gone to online voting (yes, before your federal and provincial government! – ummm). Anyway, yeah, the form is over here. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain… right? Remember when that jerk Phoenix won? Yeah.

Chiles on Chiles – Volume One

Welcome to our latest, um, ‘feature’ on the blog. We’ve finally brought together legendary Attorney at Law Jackie Chiles and Argos wide receiver John Chiles. For each episode we’ll have Jackie Chiles comment on the play of John Chiles (well, at least until we run out of Jackie Chiles quotes). Enjoy.
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