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How to Watch the CFL Online

Sooo, you don’t subscribe to TSN and are looking for a way to watch CFL games online. There are ways to do this. I was originally going to list a bunch of sites that usually have CFL live streaming feeds but I have a better solution. It’s really this simple:
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Argos Host The Grey Cup Champs In Week 2 Action!

The Roughriders (and their mellonheads) will steam into the Rogers Centre this Saturday.  Jube shows you how the Argos will prove to ’em that, “Blue is the colour.”

Welcome back to the CFL Justin Medlock

Ok, ok …. I know he’s a Ti-Cat but when Justin was an Argo he was personally (though unwittingly) responsible for the one of the top ten greatest night in Paully Section 122 History (that is if you don’t include the Grey Cup, meeting cheerleader #966 / Emily, Vacation 2000 running woman …..). Did you know that you can’t keep field goals that are kicked into the stands?


Well. That’s not entirely true. The fact of the matter is that you can keep them if you’re fast or you have people who solve things for you (Yeah it’ll be a problem, a problem for them!).


Fortunately Section 122 has people who are both and because of this Justin’s left leg and wide right punts netted Section 122 four footballs on just two punts. Yes you read correctly four balls on two punts! I know the math doesn’t add up (unless you’re a Ti-Cats fan then the math looks just about right) but trust me it happened.

Therefore we in the Argos End Zone want to welcome Justin back to the CFL and let all the end zoners wide right of the field goal to be on the watch for drifting 3 pointers from the 10 yard line because lord knows the Ti-Cats won’t be scoring any touchdowns.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

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Grey Cup Sunday is Here!

Grey Cup Mud Bowl

Grey Cup Sunday is here! Your Toronto Argonauts could not defeat the resurgent Hamilton Tiger-Cats last weekend so it’s a Ti-Cats/Roughriders final in Saskatchewan today.
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An Open Letter To Chad Kackert

Hey Buddy.

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