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The Argos D Wants NOISE!!! But, Just The D

Hey Argos Empire!
I wanted to share an email I sent the Toronto Argos last month.  Y’see, as an Argos season ticket holder and fan of the game, there’s something that happens at Argos games that bothers me.  There are several ‘Noise Meter’ prompts on the jumbotron that’ll encourage more noise, one generic one and one for Booster Juice (btw, LOVE Booster Juice! Please come to Peterborough!).  There’s also giveaways in the stands for as well as Argos merchandise.  Neither of these things bother me.  I love free stuff.  I love crowd noise.
My problem, is the timing.

The View From The Argos End Zone

This is the view from our seats

This is the view from our seats

“What happened last night?”

A common refrain the morning after an evening of enjoying beverages of a sociable nature.  The lights are a little too bright, the noises a little too loud, everything hurts.

But, I’m referring to last night’s Toronto Argos game against the Roughriders.

The game itself was frustrating as an Argos fan.  Kory Sheets ran for 170+ on the ground (looked deadly every time he touched the ball), Darian Durant connected on two long TD pass-and-catch plays with Taj Smith (the second one was a perfect touch pass caught at full stride), and the Rider D (featuring the returning Grey Cup Outstanding Canadian Ricky Foley) stumped the Double Blue O for most of the night. What has me confused about last night was the crowd.

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Your 2013 Season Opening Preview

Jube gives you all you need to know prior to kickoff, including, “Who To Follow” on twitter.

Argos Section 122

 Hey everyone!

Getting excited for game and thinking about joining us in Section 122? That sounds really cool! Let’s go to the interweb and check out the possible seats that are left for you to choose from. Maybe if your lucky you can sit beside Paully.


Too late!

Too late!

What no seats left!

Too bad but there’s always 123 (yeah I know it’s not the same but don’t let them know that)!

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail!