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Exploring the Toronto Argonauts End Zone

The Rogers Center is a really big place and Section 122-123 is not the only section out there. Therefore we rail riders have decided to reach out to the other end zone sections of note and see how they enjoy the game. Today we focus on Section 118 and how they “Bring the Noise”. When the rail riders were just a small group we looked to Section 118 for inspiration. Always one of the loudest sections of the end zone they keep the team motivated and libations flowing. Unfortunately due to circumstances  things have been quite for awhile but we have learned that the NOISE will be brought to the game on August 6th. We in Section 122-123 solute you and look forward to it.


If you want to contact Section 118 the following twitter account will link you to their spiritual leader ArgoEndzone Drum guy@GIVENS38   


Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

Behind the Scenes at Section 122 – 123

People have been asking what things are like behind the scenes here in Section 122 – 123. So we thought it would be nice to give you the avid reader a peek into what really goes on behind the velvet curtain.

Here are Bill and Shakil chilling at center field just before the starting of game coin toss. In the background you can see the players running onto the field.


Next is Gian and I breaking down the routines for the night’s game.


Again we find Bill and Shakil with Mark “Strizzzy” Strong reviewing which number the pizza for a year from Pizza Pizza is going to be. Remember kids 1 is the new 2 and if you don’t know what this means – no pizza for you.


This is Bill with a final cantilever/velocity engineering check of the goal posts. Good work if you can get the job.


Fred and Bill have to check every bulb before the game – these things don’t check themselves.


As you can see Section 122 – 123 is a lot of work but at the end of the day we can hold our heads and hands high knowing we have done a top notch job.


Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

Do you know where Justin Medlock is???

If you see this former Argo please tell him to report directly to Head Office.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

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Week 3 Toronto vs. Hamilton

In the first of four meetings this year, the Argos head down the QEW to take on those pesky Ti-cats at Ivor Wynne stadium.  As always the crowd will be into it for this one considering it is one of the longest rivalries in pro sports.  I for one cannot wait for this one.

I’ll admit I was a little sad when I heard that this would be the last season at Ivor Wynne stadium.  It has been a few years since I’ve driven down the QEW for an Argos game but it was always a great crowd. Ivor Wynne holds some other memories as it was the only CFL stadium that I actually played on during my high school years.  So the stadium will be missed, but before they tear that place down let’s see if the Argos can win their remaining games there.

On to today’s game, the Argos are coming into the game after their first win of the season against the Stampeders.  It looks like newcomer Ricky Ray finally found his stride as he threw for 407 yards. Argos fans are breathing a little easier when it comes to the quarterback position after last season’s fiasco. Andre Durie was impressive leading the team with 118 yards and so was Dontrelle Inman with his 107 yards and 2 TDs.  Cory Boyd once again showed why he is one of the premiere running backs in our game posting 101 yards.  If the offense keeps clicking during Week 3, than the odds are in the Argos favour.

Or are they? Hamilton also had a great game last week and fell just short against the BC Lions 39-36. (Coincidently, the same score in the Toronto-Calgary game.) And after last game’s showing you suspect the Ti-cats defense worked on their run defense. The Argos defense was effective last week but still needs work on their pass coverage, which surely they have worked on during the week.

The Argos special teams had an awful showing last game and were the reason the Stampeders were still in the game. Noel Prefontaine, six for eight on field goals, missed two kicks that were taken out of the end zone setting up Calgary with great field position including a return for a touchdown. The coverage on kickoffs and punts were soft and that’s putting it mildly.

So will it be the Argos or the Ti-cats in this one?  Well as an Argos fan, I’m picking the Argos by three. It should be close one and the fans from both sides will definitely be on the edge of their seats.

Post Game Analysis: Argos & Stampeders: July 7, 2012

Jube has your post-game analysis “live” from the dome’s turf.