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Referees at the Grey Cup Parties

Just to show you that we have love for the Black and White here are a couple of shots we took with the Refs.


Now I know what you’re thinking – Has that Ref been drinking? I ask myself that all the time. In fact I sometimes yell it out during the game.

Wow – what a trophy! Bet you wish you had one too!

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail


Sights at the Grey Cup

In an out of character posting (for me) we at Argos End Zone present some of the sights of the 100th Grey Cup from Section 122/123.

Scoreboard watching and the game hasn’t started yet? – That’s really bad Calgary fans.

Looks like they were right to be concerned (however they were all well-behaved).

Here are some shots of the End Zone welcoming the Grey Cup to the victorious Toronto Argonauts.


The Argonotes hit the field.

Confetti snow storm and the Champs get the Cup!

MVP = Chad

Finally a little love from the City for the Argonauts.


Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

Grey Cup 2012: Instagram’d

We had a lot of fun this past Grey Cup Weekend here in Toronto… and have the Instagram photos to prove it. Enjoy:

BC Felion Cheerleader gets Serious in the Lions Den?

During the Grey Cup there are all kinds of little side stories that never get exposed because there is too much going on. We here at Argos End Zone want to bring all fans closer to the game we love and highlight some of the smaller (but no less important stories) that don’t always make it. So on this note let me introduce to the Cheerleader who I can’t confirm but certainly looks to have been very hungover during her performance at the Grey Cup.


Here she is third from the front on the left hand side looking just off camera and if I were to guess I would say this is probably Caitlin.


I bet you thought that we were all uncouth drinking fans that weren’t paying attention to the real action in the End Zone. Well I am here to tell you we have eyes everywhere (but not in a creepy way). She was two steps behind and didn’t bother to use her pom poms.


For me alleged Caitlin you embody all that is good in Cheerleading and next year I want to see the whole team follow her lead.


Jagerbombs forever and thank you to a person in touch with the very spirit of the Grey Cup.

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

Note: Caitlin picture is property of and is in no way affiliated with Argos End Zone.

P.S.: We were all uncouth drinking fans!

Ti-Cats Cheerleader Emily Loves Paul… We Think (ahaahaha this is amazing)

It’s no secret that cheerleader related searches make up a large portion of your traffic.

Quite frankly, Paul wouldn’t want it any other way.
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