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My RedBlacks Expansion Draft Argos Protection List

Hey Argos Empire!

The Ottawa RedBlacks…Sorry, the Ottawa REDBLACKS (gah) have joined the CFL and they need players.

                                    Decent logo, brutal name. Let's not pass judgment 'til we see the unis.

Decent logo, brutal name.
Let’s not pass judgment ’til we see the unis.

The league has decided that there’ll be an expansion draft, where Ottawa will be able to choose three roster players from each of the eight CFL franchises.  The Argos are allowed to protect one quarterback, ten import, and six non-import players.  To protect the relationship between players and ownership (gah) the league has decided to not release the names of the protected players.  Don Landry has put together a list that he’d protect and I figured I’d give it a shot. I mean, who loves speculating more than me?

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Toronto Argos News on Twitter

You love your Toronto Argos. Can’t get enough news about your Argos… but you have to wade through a zillion retweets and such from your Argos (and friends) social crew(s).
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