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Argos / Eskimos Post Game Show: August 23, 2014

Here’s something new. We decided to give Google Hangouts On Air a try last night after the Argonauts/Eskimos game. It was supposed to be simply a roundtable discussion on the game we just watched (Argos lost to the Esks!), but turned out to be a ‘plethora’ of topics – and some special guests (“Turkish Bradwell!” and Creepy Mic Guy) as well.

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Argo’s Pre-Season Review

Hey everyone! Did you check out the pre-season game on TSN between the Argos and the Bombers? Did yah? DID YAH!?  

No? …….  Me neither!

None the less here is a breakdown of the game the way I “see” it.

Let start with the Winnipeg QB Buck Pierce in his classic passing pose that is sure to grace cereal boxes across the great province of Manitoba.

The Buck Stops Here

The Buck Stops Here

Yup. That looks about right. Needless to say a pre-season game isn’t a serious endeavor and it’s a good opportunity to put new talent on the field and see how they react to the pressure. Below you can see one of the back-up QBs that was inserted for a few plays. The mobility may be a little different but management believes that he has the same kind of head on his shoulders as the current QB. There has been no word yet if Hasbro has released his rights.

Buck after a few more hits.

Buck after a few more hits.

Hey who scored the first ever touchdown at the new Investors Group Field? If you guessed Gerald Riggs you guessed awesome. This guy is still my diamond in the rough.

Argo's diamond in the rough.

Argo’s diamond in the rough.

Speaking of diamonds. Buck did you check out the Argo’s Gray Cup ring?

Diamond not in the Rough!

Diamond not in the Rough!

The Argos got to try all their back-ups but hell it was too easy. Even this ham sandwich got a chance to handle the ball and scored for the Argos.

Yup. He scored on the Peg too!

Yup. He scored on the Peg too!

 All is not lost in Winnipeg though you still have your Cheerleaders ……… with three Daves on the team?

Forget that last statement – all is truly lost. 

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail!

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P.S.: All is not lost in Winnipeg – Thanks Mickaela!



Sights at the Grey Cup

In an out of character posting (for me) we at Argos End Zone present some of the sights of the 100th Grey Cup from Section 122/123.

Scoreboard watching and the game hasn’t started yet? – That’s really bad Calgary fans.

Looks like they were right to be concerned (however they were all well-behaved).

Here are some shots of the End Zone welcoming the Grey Cup to the victorious Toronto Argonauts.


The Argonotes hit the field.

Confetti snow storm and the Champs get the Cup!

MVP = Chad

Finally a little love from the City for the Argonauts.


Section 122-123 Ride the Rail

The Night “Pinball” Clemons Shouted On Front St.

Okay, lemme say if I can paint the picture for you…

It isn’t easy to be a sports fan.  Your team makes questionable off-season moves, trade their stars (or, outright release?!?! ), change uniforms, or, the biggest affront of all, they lose games.  But, you keep cheering them on.  It’s what fans do.

Sometimes, two fans’ worlds collide.  Thursday, November 1, 2012 was one of those nights.  The Argos were hosting Hamilton in the season finale and the Ti-Cat fans were out in full force.  Sitting in the end zone (to me) is the home team’s turf, but the tickets are cheaper, so we usually have an influx of visiting team fans.  Most times, it really adds to the atmosphere, but we’re talking Hamilton, here.  When you wear a jersey like this –

Section 122. Ride that Rail!

Section 122. Ride that Rail!

You’re opening yourself up to the opposing fans.  We had some boisterous Hamilton fans in our section, who got on us after the team fell behind 13-0 early. “Hey, Section 122! You suck!”  “Hey, 122! Screw you!”  Y’know, creative, original stuff like that.  Once out of witty retorts, and their team struggling, they resorted to throwing popcorn at us.  The Ti-Cats finally came all the way back & tied the game with about 70 seconds left, causing these fans to lose their collective minds:  Running down to the rail, cheering, waving, collar-popping.  It was quite a celebration.  A premature one, but a celebration, nonetheless.  Y’see, now the Argos have the ball in a tie game with a little over a minute left.  This is EXACTLY where you wanna be at the end of the game, and the Argos did not disappoint.  Swayze Waters kicked a 52 yard field goal with no time left to win the game & eliminate Hamilton from the playoffs.  As Paul blew the Ti-Cat fans kisses, they quietly left, with their tails between their legs.  ‘Twas a good game.

The End Zone has a tradition of meeting at Casey’s on Front after each game, and while leaving the bar, I heard a voice…

“Hey!  Section 122!  122!  Yo!”

Oh no…Not again…Y’know, I’m not gonna turn around.

That’s when Fred elbowed me, “Hey, I think that’s Pinball.”

…Wait, what?!

I spun around and saw that unforgettable smile & enthusiasm, waving frantically from the driver’s side window of a big, white car.

Michael “Pinball” Clemons.

…Maybe you didn’t hear me.


I stared in disbelief as he turned the corner & drove away, waving from his car.  For the next few blocks, I was just a giggling idiot, “Hehehe…Pinball saw my jersey!  I mean…Pinball, man.  Pinball…”

Pinball’s efforts in the community are as well documented as his effort on the field was, so this will come as no surprise to most.  But, I would like to personally thank Mr. Clemons for living up to the legend and totally making my week.

See ya at the East Semi-Final,



End Zone Catastrophe

I am extremely saddened to report the tragedy that befell Section 122-123 during the last Argo’s Home game. While beautiful Cheerleaders were throwing out tee-shirts to fans across the stadium our section witness one of the most deplorable acts of disgust that I have seen in a long time.



This is not a sausage fest. Please someone tell me where Section 122 – 123 went wrong? I’m imploring the Argos Management, Team and especially the Cheerleaders to make sure we are never again forced to undergo this type of reprehensible treatment. We (possibly mostly me) want Cheerleaders!

Section 122-123 Ride the Rail!