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The 2018 Season: Can It Be Salvaged?

Fresh off back to back losses to the ticats over Labour Day, the Argos sit at 3-8 on the season.

With seven games to go, we ask the question:


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Argos World Cup Roster

It’s World Cup time! Well, actually, it’s CFL 2018 kickoff time, but I’ll give you that post later.

Yes, the eyes of the world turn to Russia but not for pee pee tapes this time. No, everyone is watching the so-called, “Beautiful game” as the world’s best soccer players challenge for this:

Don’t fight for it, just buy it here!

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Love The Team, Hate The Sponsor

Hey Argos Empire!

While at Sunday’s Argos/REDBLACKS game at Rogers Centre, I couldn’t help but notice how few REDBLACKS fans I saw in attendance.  Sure, it’s a 4+ hour drive (or 5+ hour train ride), but with the energy they show at their home stadium I honestly anticipated/hoped for an influx of passionate opposing football fans in the dome to add to the game atmosphere.

Didn’t happen.

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An Open Letter To Andre Durie

Hey buddy,

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Argos Video Tribute!

Hey Argos Empire!

One of the gang was saying ages ago that, “Magneto’s Theme” from, “X-Men: First Class” would be a great team intro song.  Well, I decided to find out how well it worked with the high energy Toronto Argos.

The result?
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