CFL Programming Options For The New TSN Channels

Hiya Argos Empire!

Now that TSN has announced expanding to five channels, they suddenly have a heckofa lot of air time to fill.  Not to worry tho, as the Argos End Zone team is on the case.

Check out our pitches for some CFL-themed content:

Ridernation Wins EVERY Poll!

Rider legend Glen Suitor hosts this innovative fan interactive show, where poll questions are posted each week, with fans voting via social media.  The Riders win every poll.  I picture it looking something like this.
…Wait, that happens already.

All The Beauty That Is Hamilton
A weekly adventure where host Jock Climie attempts to find anything redeeming or endearing about Hamilton aside from this,
Overhead guide sign on ON 403 East to 407ETR and QEW

Things To Do In Winnipeg In November

An educational program hosted by Doug Brown helps Bombers fans find something to do after Hallowe’en since their team hasn’t seen meaningful November football in ages.
Basically, it’s a Winnipeg Jets highlight reel.

Surviving In Vancouver On Only $5,000 A Day

It ain’t easy to survive  in North America’s most expensive city, but CFL’er Khalif Mitchell shows you why he couldn’t get back out west fast enough, regardless of how many BC Lions were happy to see him gone.

Step Up!
Hosted by Dave Randorf, this weekly fan competition will pit two fans in a debate as to which team is the best in the CFL.  Topics include:  Record, city, mascot, cheerleaders, history, and social media.

Anyone facing off against a ti-cat fan MUST complete two keg stands to level the intellectual playing field.

He Wore WHAAAAT???
The CFL on TSN style guru, Milt Stegall, will break down the best and worst of player uniforms, cheerleader uniforms, player’s style off the field, and the most stylish fans in the CFL.  Time to dress to impress, or be prepared for an, “Oh My Goodness!”

Proulx’s Perspective

CFL official Andre Proulx give a play-by-play recap from his last game from his own perspective – a camera securely up his own arse.

Peace & Serenity
End your tumultuous day with slo-mo shots of Mike Bradwell’s hair blowing in the wind, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the Argos own Argonotes.  Hosted by Aliya-Jasmine.

Talk With Travis
Travis the Jr. Admiral is an internet sensation with his “4 Questions With” segments.  So, let’s give him more air time!  More guests!  More Travis!  Let’s have him tear upcoming opponents a new one.  Let’s see him one-on-one with Commissioner Cohon.  How ’bout Prime Minister Harper?  Tonnes of options here, TSN!

More Cowbell!
Cow Bell
The founder of Argos End Zone shows you proper cowbell technique.  From, “The Hammer” to, “The Triangle” he’ll show you how to get the most of out your noise-making environment.

Five, Six…A Five, Six, Seven, Eight!
Paulie brings his investigative journalism to the CFL cheerleaders.  From tryouts to practice, from pre game to post game, he brings you all the ins ‘n’ outs of the CFL’s top teams.

Stick This In Yo’ Face!
The CFL on TSN dynamic duo of Matt Dunigan and Chris Schultz travel coast-to-coast, showing you the best tailgate parties as well as pre- and post game meals in the CFL.

Argos End Zone
Toronto Argonaut Fans
Finally! Four hours a week of this! (You knew that was coming)

The Best Of Rod Black


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