Cory Boyd – Out Of The Blue?

The Toronto Argonauts released import RB Cory Boyd on August 12, 2012

What I thought gonna be a lazy Sunday (sure, I had to work, but I don’t work very hard) became a social media whirlwind as my phone came to life like Jim Carrey in front of more than 2 people.

At approximately 12 noon, the Toronto Argonauts official twitter feed (@TorontoArgos) tweeted the following:

The Toronto Argonauts Football Club announced today that import RB Cory Boyd has been released by the team.

Now, seeing a player released by a pro football team isn’t news as a rule, as teams only have so many roster spots to juggle as players get hurt.  But, this was different.  The Argos had not just released their starting running back for the last couple of years, but they’d released the CFL’s leading rusher…A third of the way thru the season.

Here’s what Argos GM Jim Barker said about the move:  “I would like to thank Cory for his many contributions to our club over the past few years. Releasing a player mid-season is never an easy thing to do and this decision was not made overnight. We have worked diligently to improve our football team during the past several months, and everything we have done has been with two goals in mind – competing for the Grey Cup and the long term, on-field success of this franchise – and this decision is no different. After evaluating our entire football team through the first third of the season, we felt this was one of the changes necessary to move our team forward. We believe a different style of play is needed at running back to heighten the success of our new offence and, considering the personnel we already have on our team, this move will help to improve the overall play of our offence and lead us to greater on-field success.”

Now, I don’t pretend to be a football expert (contrary to my running commentary from Section 122 on game days), but why would you be looking for, “a different style of play” from the running back position when you’re leading the league on the ground?  Head Coach Scott Milanovich implied that they wanted someone, “better away from the ball” than Boyd.  I can only assume he’s referring to a blocking back, better utilized in the pass-first offense fielded by the Argos this season.  Perhaps Chad Kackert is that running back.  He definitely played well in place of an injured Cory Boyd last season.  We’ll soon find out.

So the question remains, “Why was Cory Boyd cut?”  Was it his on field production?  He’s leading the league in rushing.  Was he not an effective blocker in the passing game?  That’s a skill that can be learned.  What was he like in the dressing room?  According to one former teammate, that’s where the problem lies.

Rob Murphy (@BIGMURPH56), a recently retired CFL All-Star who played alongside Boyd with the Argos tweeted this shortly after the announcement of Boyd’s release,

“My thoughts on Cory Boyd? He was a fraud who fooled the media for 2yrs Good player when healthy but not a good teammate Media just ate it up”

…Okay, kinda tough to misinterpret that.

Look, I have zero inside info, and I don’t know where to go for the truth on this one.  I know that Boyd played for the Double Blue with a lot of pride & passion, and that kind of drive can definitely rub people the wrong way.  I also know that this didn’t look like the Cleo-Lemon-laughing-on-the-sidelines-while-his-backup-threw-an-interception type of release.  Milanovich said this had nothing to do with anything in the locker room, but why would any team cut the league’s leading rusher? There’s an old adage in sports, “Winning heals all ills” but it would seem there was a deeper ill making this team Blue.  What I do know is that I’m a huge fan of what the man can do on the football field, and I will be absolutely shocked if the Argos are better team without him.

You can follow Cory Boyd at @KingBoyd03


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