Cory Boyd Released: Argos Management Email to Fans

Email received from the Argos Executive Chairman & CEO — somehow putting this on the same scale as Chris Bosh and Doug Gilmour…

To our loyal Argonauts fans,

This past weekend, General Manager Barker and Coach Milanovich made the decision to release running back Cory Boyd from the team. There has been considerable response to this and we are aware that some of you are confused and upset by the move. This was not a decision that was taken lightly, nor was it made without considerable discussion about the impact on our fan constituency.

At times, our football leaders need to make decisions that are unpopular with our fans in order to put the team in what we believe will be the best position to annually contend for and ultimately win Grey Cup Championships. This type of decision within the professional sport environment is certainly not without precedent. One has only to look at the departure of such Toronto luminaries over the years as Carlos Delgado, Roy Halladay, Chris Bosh, Wendel Clark, Doug Gilmour and Doug Flutie, all of whom moved on for a variety of reasons that left the fans feeling a sense of loss.

Our leadership team at the Argos is focused on success, excitement, sustainability, loyalty and profitability. We stand behind Coach Milanovich and his vision for success on the field and his commitment to a winning and exciting team. We will continue to be sensitive to your commitment to us and the impact our football and business decisions have on our relationship. While we recognize that you won’t always agree, please know that your voice is heard and your opinions highly respected.


Chris Rudge
Executive Chairman & CEO
Toronto Argonauts Football Club

One thought on “Cory Boyd Released: Argos Management Email to Fans

  1. Jube

    So, the Argos head office wanna draw a parallel between releasing the league’s leading rusher 1/3 of the way thru the season with a free agent leaving (Delgado, Flutie), or a star player traded (Halladay, Bosh, Clark, Gilmour)? 2 problems:
    First, a free agent is just that; free to decide what he wants to do. If they had said this was Boyd’s wish, then so be it. He clearly did not want to be released.
    Second, the trading of a star player, while traumatic for fans, includes some type of return; be it players, prospects, draft picks, or cash. Cory Boyd was released & he signed with the Edmonton Eskimos. The Toronto Argonauts received absolutely nothing from Edmonton in this move.
    If they wanna call it addition thru subtraction, I’m fine with that. But don’t piss in my ear & tell me it’s raining.
    …For that matter, don’t piss in my ear, period.


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