How To Enjoy The 2014 Grey Cup As An Argos Fan

Hey Argos Empire!

The 102nd Grey Cup kicks off in Vancouver, but our beloved Double Blue will not be taking part.

But The Empire need not fear!  Here’s some tips on how to enjoy the CFL finale without the Argos playing (I know, I know; it won’t be as awesome, but we’ve gotta try, eh?).

Let’s start with the obvious,

The Argos Cheerleaders

Remember when this guy kept harping on you to buy the 2014 Argos Cheerleader Calendar?  Well, it’s because the money raised goes toward getting the ladies to Vancouver.  The ladies will be showing the rest of the league how the nation’s top cheer squad does it better than anyone else.  Like this:

Imagine Dragons

The halftime show will feature (along with the cheerleaders) Universal recording artists Imagine Dragons.  You can familiarize yourself with what to expect from their performance here.

Cheering On Your Favourite Former Argos

Cheering on your favourite pro sports team is a lot of fun, but sometimes the business side of the game will bite you in the arse.  When teams make roster decisions based on money, it can come at the cost of your favourite player.  Free agency allows for the freedom of movement for players to any team, and the Argos are represented on both Grey Cup sidelines by former players.  The Calgary Stampeders feature Lin-J Shell, while the ticats have Zach Collaros, Justin Medlock, Terrell Sinkfield, and Joel Reinders.  Thanks to the fan accessibility that’s been a staple of the Argos for years now, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with at least one of these guys, making it easier to enjoy a game where they’ve got a chance to win the coveted Grey Cup ring.

Hating The Team You Hate

I prefer to focus on the positive, but if being a dick is the only way for you to get thru this game, here’s some ways the two teams have offended you:
Calgary – Week 12 in Cowtown, the Argos blew a 29-10 lead to lose to the Stampeders 40-33.  It was the biggest comeback in Stamps history, and when you look back at how the Argos finished one game out of the playoffs, you could say this loss kept the Argos out of the playoffs.
Hamilton – They’re Hamilton
Calgary – Their mascot is a dog.  A dog?  Really?  How does that make sense?
Hamilton – They’re Hamilton
Calgary – Sure, their fans bringing a horse into the Royal York is looked upon by many as the start of the modern Grey Cup week party, but that’s because you didn’t have to clean up after it.  Ewwww…
Hamilton – They’re Hamilton
Calgary – They’ve already won with their Signature Series look this year.  Do they need to win everything this year?
Hamilton – Well…

It’s The Grey Cup!

This should really go without saying, but it’s the culmination of the 2014 season.  It’s the Grey Cup.  The big one.  Our nation’s biggest party in one of our nation’s most beautiful cities.  Here, this’ll help;

If all else fails, you can go with what my Riders friends suggested,

Drink Until You Cannot Remember Who Is Playing

Enjoy the game, folks!

One thought on “How To Enjoy The 2014 Grey Cup As An Argos Fan

  1. Julie Matchuk

    Great article! As an Argos fan, heartbroken by how this season turned out, I found this advice not only useful but entertaining as well. Thank you Jube for helping me get through this coming weekend’s Grey Cup game. Cheers and may I say for the last time in 2014…Arrrrgooooosss!


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