Free Argos Seasons Tickets

What? Free Toronto Argos season’s tickets? Yep. What’s the catch? Oh, you need to be a bit skilled with the old computer: Graphic design to be specific.

Good call by the Argos — An open design contest to create an ad for your Grey Cup Champions — and possibly win season’s tickets in the process.

Full details on the Argos site, but looks like we’ll see some tag lines like this in upcoming ads:

» Protect the Cup
» Ours to defend
» Road to the Repeat
» Defend our Cup
» Our time to Defend
» Game Ready

Out of that lot, I kind of like “Road to Repeat”. If you’re a design student, I’d jump all over this – as it includes “the opportunity to be a part of the Argos marketing team as a Creative Services Intern.

Oh, and for images, you can steal from the Argos Facebook page… or any of these cheerleader pix.

I may have made that last part up.

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