How I Became A Fan

Hey Argos Empire!

The Argos twitter account posted this earlier today:

And it got me thinking, “Hey, how DID I become a fan?”

It really starts with my high school friend, Freddy.  He left the friendly confines of, “The ‘borough” to study in downtown Toronto, fell in love with the city, and stayed there.  I was always looking for an excuse to go bother him in person, and in 2005, he suggested going to the Argos game.

Now, it happened to be this game:

What I remember about that night is great friends and a great atmosphere (yes, I know the Argos lost).

That offseason, we got talking about tickets.  We found them incredibly reasonably priced, and we began discussions on where we’d sit;

Jube:  How close to the field can we get?

Freddy:  Looks like we can get pretty close, depending on what you wanna pay.

Jube:  Cool. Don’t think I wanna sit behind anyone.  Hey, what about the end zone?

Freddy:  Yeah, that’s doable.

Jube:  Hey, how close can we get to the middle of the end zone?

Freddy:  Section 122.  It’s pretty close.

This’ll be the tenth season for Freddy and I seated in Section 122 Row A Seats 106/7.  Since that first game, we’ve added five more season ticket holders to our row, caught a couple field goals, bought cheerleader calendars, made some awesome friends, saw the Argos host and hoist the 100th Grey Cup, and put together a pretty nifty Argos fan blog.

So, in answer to your question, How I became a fan? They have been the catalyst to some awesome memories.

2 thoughts on “How I Became A Fan

  1. Sherry

    We have become friends with Jube as we’re in section 122 seats 1-3. We are season ticket holder and make a 3 hour drive from Parry Sound to come see our team the argos. Our daughter also has been doing the junior cheer program for the last 6 years. What an amazing experience for her. We are forever double blue! Arrrrrrgggggggoooooossssssssss!


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