In Defense Of The Argos Cheerleaders

Hey Argos Empire!

After a long day at the grind earlier this week, I came home, put my feet up, opened up a Stock, turned on the Thursday night game, and opened Facebook…

…To a shit storm of an online argument amongst the Empire.

One of our elite guard (read: season ticket holder) posted on an Argos Facebook fan page the link to a petition. The author has an issue with the Argos Cheerleader uniforms.  She is certainly entitled to her opinion, but for now…

Let’s begin with the accusation of the cheerleaders being, “Sex objects.”  Cheerleader uniforms thru history have followed the acceptable fashion of the time.  Essentially, cheer uniforms have mirrored what was seen at the beach, and now what you would see at any gym.  As for, “uniforms feature bottoms that cover slightly more than half of their rear ends” I have to point out that they are wearing leggings.  Are the uniforms more offensive than what you would see at the beach?  In music videos?  In all honesty, you will see more exposed skin from the fans on a hot summer afternoon at the dome than you will from the cheerleaders.

What I think of when I see the Argos Cheer uniforms is the same as what I think when I see the Argos:  Superheroes!  The team on the field & on the sidelines are larger-than-life superheroes.  Think of any comic book that’s been out in the last ten years.  Wonder Woman?  Psylocke?  Elektra?  Awfully similar costumes to what you see on the Argos sidelines, eh?  I suppose I’ve always been a, “Cup half full” kinda guy, but I see the positive to the uniforms.  I see a symbol of effort & reward.  The players and cheerleaders inspire youngsters to work hard, practice, and chase your dream to perform in front of thousands.

My biggest issue with the petition is the statement that the team displays, “zero athleticism.”  If you want to criticize the choreography, that’s a matter of opinion.  Personally, I see dance as an art form, and art is personally subjective.  But the wording implies that the Argos Cheerleaders are not athletes.  As the brother of a competitive dancer, I can assure you that any woman that has succeeded in cheerleader auditions is without a doubt, an athlete.  There are hours of preparation, training, and nutrition on par with professional athletes that these women partake in week after week, all for a part-time position.  But because they’re not forming human pyramids, they’re not athletes?  Combine that effort with the public appearances, the charity events, and the, “Huddle Up” program, it’s clear they should be applauded, not vilified.

Cheerleading isn’t kick lines & megaphones anymore.  The Argos Cheerleaders are ahead of the curve, on and off the field.  If all you see is “sex objects” then you’re not looking.

Wanna support the Argos Cheerleaders?  Buy their 2015 calendar here and be there for kickoff in person, loud & proud!  And, I’ll leave you with this:

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