Oh Captain, My Captain! The Argos Release Brandon Isaac

Brandon Isaac released by the Argos

Brandon Isaac released by the Argos

I’m just a fan.  I’m far from an expert (contrary to the incessant talking about football I do).  But this tweet from the Argos caught me completely off guard –



Okay…That was rather unexpected…

Mid-season roster moves are nothing new to the Double Blue, even ones that, “Rock the Boat” as CFL.ca put it (see last year’s post on the Cory Boyd release – https://www.argosendzone.com/cory-boyd-out-of-the-blue/ ).  But three things as viewed from the outside immediately separate the Brandon Isaac move from the Cory Boyd one.

First, when Boyd was released, not only did nobody on the roster come to his defense, former teammates praised the move as a positive for the locker room.  Isaac was a defensive captain who had been praised by coaches and players alike for how he’d stepped up as a leader both on the field and in the room.

Second, Chad Kackert had filled in admirably for an injured Cory Boyd, meaning the Argos had a player ready to step into the starter’s role.  Head coach Scott Milanovich, when asked who would take Isaac’s vacated position, answered with this (from Don Landry’s twitter feed @CFLLandry)


Not filling ya with a lot of confidence, eh?

Third, One of the reasons for Boyd’s removal was, as Milanovich put it, the Argos needed a running back that played better without the ball.  There was no question the power that Cory Boyd brought to the RB position, but that power rarely translated to the blocking game, where a RB must protect the QB.  Chad Kackert has done a great job in that regard, also as an effective ‘check down’ receiver in the passing game.  There’s been no indication that Brandon Isaac was lacking in intensity, focus, or ability in any aspect of his game.

Brandon Isaac performing a reverse Heimlich on Buck Pierce

Brandon Isaac performing a reverse Heimlich on Buck Pierce

Which leaves us with what?

We know Brandon Isaac’s teammates wanted him on the team, so it wasn’t an issue in the locker room.  We know the coaching staff haven’t fingered a player to step up to assume his starters position or captain’s role.  We know there were no deficiencies in his game that were hurting the team’s performance.  All we know is what the Argos are saying,

“We thank Brandon for his contributions to the Toronto Argonauts, and we wish him the best in his future endeavours.”


3 thoughts on “Oh Captain, My Captain! The Argos Release Brandon Isaac

  1. Jube

    First instinct says no. Lemon was benched, then caught laughing as his backup threw an INT. Don’t think Isaac was benched or mocked any of his teammates.

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