An Open Letter To TSN’s Jennifer Hedger

Hey Buddy.

Promoting "futbol"

Promoting “futbol”

Sooo…What’s new?

Oh yeah. Slight boo-boo on a TSN live, national broadcast.

Now, I’m not gonna sugarcoat this for ya; from where I stand Argos Matt Black is completely justified in his outrage.  He was on the field for the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto, where the Argos won their fourth professional league championship in the timespan you referenced.  This also happened on TSN, the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL.  Did you catch the word, “Exclusive?” I even underlined it.  This is important since this didn’t happen on your local news outlet.  This happened on TSN.  TSN, The Sports Network.  TSN, the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL.

I know you’ve since apologized for the slip of the tongue, but it definitely raised the ire of the CFL and the Argos Empire.

I’m not gonna lie; I have repeatedly gotten my panties in a twist when people dismiss the CFL.  Whether it be friendly jabs at work, some stooge at a local bar, or the never-ending supply of internet trolls, I’ve had my moments of respect-lacking inspired rage.  For the most part I take the high road, but I couldn’t leave this one alone.  I know there’s more to the story than, “the Big 4.”

So, where did this comment come from, Jen?

…Can I call you, “Jen?”



You’ve been with TSN since ’02, so you’ve a grasp on Toronto’s pro teams.  You’re from London, home of the Western Mustangs, who have won 30 league championships and six national championships, so I know you know Canadian football.  You’re married to Sportsnet broadcaster Sean McCormick…

Sportsnet broadcaster Sean McCormick?



That’s it!

You married McCormick, but you kept your maiden name due to career you’ve built around it, McCormick says, “Cool, but you owe me.” TSN becomes the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL, locking out Rogers Sportsnet…Rogers Centre begins to alter the Argos home schedule, forcing them to minimal home games during the summer…the Argos are purchased by the group that owns the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Marlies, and Toronto Raptors, but excludes Rogers from the deal…Rogers gets pissed & evicts the team, but knowing that ain’t enough, they speak with their on air talent about how they can stick it to ’em again…McCormick calls in his favour with his wife, who omits the Argos last four Grey Cup wins in reference to the city’s pro title drought.

Gah…It’s so obvious:

It’s all Rogers fault!

So glad we were able to clear that all up for ya, Jen…Er, Miss Hedger.  It really wasn’t your fault.  You’re just a victim of the evil that is Rogers.  I’m sure we’ll see you at the Argos tailgate this season so we can chat some more, yeah?

Now, when it comes to the Toronto Rock slight..Well, you’re on your own.

As for what the Argos can do this season to put the stamp on the media market so that they’re on the tip of everyone’s tongue…

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