An Open Letter To Ricky Foley

Hey buddy.


Whoa…Sorry.  Mr. Foley.

Allow me, on behalf of the Argos Empire to welcome you back to the Toronto Argos!

Now, if I were a gambling man, I’d say this move was not your idea.  After all, you’d just signed a new contract with the Roughriders, and anyone that follows you on twitter knows your love for Riderville.  Your thank you tweet spoke volumes to your love for the fans of Saskatchewan.

But let me assure you, you’re coming back to a very different team.  Many of the key players on offence from the 2012 Grey Cup Championship team are still here:  Ricky Ray, Chad Owens, Andre Durie, Jeff Keeping, Chris Van Zeyl.  However, you may need a program for your side of the ball.  The deep middle is on lockdown thanks to Matt Black & Jermaine Gabriel, there’s tonnes of depth at linebacker with James Yurichuk, Cory Greenwood, Jamie Robinson, and Nick Rosamonda (you’re gonna like him. He plays angry, like you!), and I’m really excited about you & Tristan Okpalaugo making life miserable for opposing QB’s.  Speaking of which, although I’m no expert, it looks like Tim Burke’s defense will fit with your skill set & desire to pressure the opposing QB more than Chris Jones’ style did. Matt Black & Andre Durie are certainly happy to have you back in Double Blue, as I’m positive the rest of your teammates are.

The other change you’ll find is in the stands.

There’s a fire burning.

There’s a passion growing.

Since the 100th Grey Cup, I’ve seen this fan base grow, get louder (when they’re supposed to), get more socially-media active, and stand up for their Toronto Argos.  Sure, we’re not Riderville, but we’re moving in the right direction.  We’re an empire on the rise, man!  And you’re gonna be a huge part of that rise!

So welcome back once again, and here’s looking forward to another one (or four) of these:


One thought on “An Open Letter To Ricky Foley

  1. Julie Matchuk

    Foley coming back helps me forget the disappointing 2014 season and the fact we’re still in the dead-hollow-cold Rogers Centre in 2015. Very happy and welcome news to this Argos fan!


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