Paul’s Western Conference Break Down – The Saskatchewan Roughriders

To add a little spice to the web page and make it interesting to all CFL fans I have decided to do a breakdown of all the teams.  I conducted a little preseason scouting and decided to start with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. As you can see from below they look like they could have a strong core with women like Andrea or Alisha as Cheerleaders.

Then this happens.  Bryce …..  Colin……

These are NOT Cheerleaders this is a Cheer Squad and if there is one thing that Paul hates its male Cheerleaders.

I personally feel that Andrea and Alisha have been let down and the Saskatchewan Roughriders should be ashamed of themselves. Riders you get a dismal last place.

 Don’t forget Section 122-123 fans. Ride the Rail!

Note: All pictures are property of and are in no way affiliated with Argos End Zone (Seriously – Like we would be affiliated with Male Cheerleaders)

Bill and Paul Check out the New Jersey

I just realized that my last post had everything except a picture of the new jersey. Here is Bill posing with it and a couple of pictures of people who are not Cheerleaders.

Bill with Chad – Who is not a Cheerleader


Paul with Jeff Keeping who is not a Cheerleader.

The Pin Ball on Stage. A true Toronto jem but not a Cheerleader.

Hope all enjoyed and don’t forget Section 122 – 123 Ride the Rail.


Bill and Paul Check Out the Cheerleaders at the Jersey Release Party!

Bill and I were on hand for the launching of the new Argo’s Jersey and were extremely impressed with the turn out from the Players, Management, Public and most importantly Cheerleaders!

As you can see they were extremely impressed with Bill’s throwing abilities

I also found something to keep me occupied. Thankfully security was nowhere to be found and no animals were hurt in the process. Also before anyone asks – yes I did nine seconds!

These ladies were just wandering by and demanded to have their pictures taken and who are we to argue?

In the end Bill and I had a wonderful time but I could help thinking what the Argos could do to make the next fan experience better. I really couldn’t come up with anything but I can’t help feeling I was a little distracted.


SECTION 122 – Ride the Rail!

 Note: All pictures are property of The Toronto Argonauts and the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders are in no way affiliated with Argos End Zone.

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