Paul’s Western Conference Break Down – The Saskatchewan Roughriders

To add a little spice to the web page and make it interesting to all CFL fans I have decided to do a breakdown of all the teams.  I conducted a little preseason scouting and decided to start with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. As you can see from below they look like they could have a strong core with women like Andrea or Alisha as Cheerleaders.

Then this happens.  Bryce …..  Colin……

These are NOT Cheerleaders this is a Cheer Squad and if there is one thing that Paul hates its male Cheerleaders.

I personally feel that Andrea and Alisha have been let down and the Saskatchewan Roughriders should be ashamed of themselves. Riders you get a dismal last place.

 Don’t forget Section 122-123 fans. Ride the Rail!

Note: All pictures are property of and are in no way affiliated with Argos End Zone (Seriously – Like we would be affiliated with Male Cheerleaders)

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