Randy the Argos Sign and Paint Guy: For the Ladies

Argos fans: Let me introduce you to Randy. No, no, not Randy Watson – a different Randy.

I’m talking about Randy the sign and field paint guy for your Argos home games. He introduced himself in the comment section here at ArgosEndZone.com

Enjoy below, a compilation of Randy (“what’s up, it’s Randy”) setting up for the game you love and enjoy. The paint and sign guy never gets any credit! That’s why we’re saluting Randy The Paint And Sign Guy here on ArgosEndZone.com. It’s the behind-the-scenes crew that makes it all possible. Also, special shout out to Eddie and The Wolf-Pack (and Randy’s family, I guess). I’m guessing Randy just sits around and makes Eddie and the Wolf-Pack do all the work, but…

It’s hot… but he loves it. So hot that there’s something special for the ladies the 4:34 mark of the video. See, we post more than just eye candy for the lads. Enjoy…

5 thoughts on “Randy the Argos Sign and Paint Guy: For the Ladies

  1. Randy Crissinger

    I greatly appreciate your salute to myself and my hard working team Wolf Pack! I laughed a few times during reading it and think its great (the part about the ladies LOL, after all I am still single since I give all my heart to the team )! But don’t get the wrong idea:) unlike some [revios leaders I trained under (WITH ALL DUE RESPECT) I actually get my hands dirty every game with my men and I make sure I set the standard every game and give them a bar to reach towards. I am the coach yet love to play quarterback also if you know what I mean and will always be that way as I also am a hard working tradesman outside of the sports industry! Ever since I was 19 during my first game 9 years ago(I had never been to any type of game before that) being paid on field to set-up and paint the field I was awestruck and amazed with what I had just done and promised myself that was it for my future and I would never miss a game and always give 150% at everything I do for the team and I am first in and last to leave the stadium most games! And I am so passionate yet skilled with experience I wouldn’t want it any other way! I love the Argo’s front office and the team so much I am honoured and blessed to be able to do what I do! And I will always be refining my skills and doing what is needed to ensure my leaders and the fans get the best field in the CFL when Wolf Pack is on the job! I look forward to doing much more with the CFL as there is no other league like it and I have that passion that I know will never fade that all of you fans etc can agree with I am sure!


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