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The 2018 Season: Can It Be Salvaged?

Fresh off back to back losses to the ticats over Labour Day, the Argos sit at 3-8 on the season.

With seven games to go, we ask the question:


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Canada Day Weekend Kicks Off with Lions at Argos

Coming off a convincing home opener over the ticats, the Argos host the BC Lions in a QB showcase. Are you ready? You will be in about 8 minutes (depending on what you skip).

Love The Team, Hate The Sponsor

Hey Argos Empire!

While at Sunday’s Argos/REDBLACKS game at Rogers Centre, I couldn’t help but notice how few REDBLACKS fans I saw in attendance.  Sure, it’s a 4+ hour drive (or 5+ hour train ride), but with the energy they show at their home stadium I honestly anticipated/hoped for an influx of passionate opposing football fans in the dome to add to the game atmosphere.

Didn’t happen.

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The CFL Commissioner Application Form

Hey Argos Empire!

As (I’m sure) you’re well aware, CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon announced he would not be seeking another term once his current one expires in April 2015.

And now that he’s presented the 102nd Grey Cup to the Calgary Stampeders, the league begins the search is on for, “THE ONE.”  Be prepared for months of speculation, rumours, and hearsay!  And what better place to start than here?  It’ll be like a season of, “The Bachelor”

…I’m assuming.

…I’ve never watched it.

…Okay, maybe I watched a recap show.  But that’s it.


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Argos Playoff Scenarios

Hey Argos Empire!

As we enter another, “must win” weekend , all the the CFL East playoff spots are up for grabs.  It can all be a little confusing, so let’s see if we can clear it up a bit, eh?

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