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Argos (Potential) Free Agent List

Hiya Argos Empire!

The offseason is upon us, and every CFL general manager is dealing with a tonne of off field issues.  The Ottawa RedBlacks expansion draft is on the horizon, and free agency is not far behind.  The big challenge for general managers is the CFLPA collective bargaining agreement is up for renewal, but free agency starts in February and the CBA is not expected to be signed ’til closer to June, meaning GMs have to resign players while speculating what the salary cap will rise to.

The CFL has released a list of the league’s potential free agents, with the Argos list included.  Let’s take a look at the Argos’ list, talk about what the team loses if they don’t resign the player, and who (I think) the team should pursue as a replacement, should the need arise.

Ready?  Let’s do this.

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