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An Open Letter To TSN’s Jennifer Hedger

Hey Buddy.

Promoting "futbol"

Promoting “futbol”

Sooo…What’s new?

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For Sale: The Toronto Argos

Hey Argos Empire!

Couple of weeks ago, I woke up to my twitter feed full of stories and comments about Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment (MLSE) potentially being interested in acquiring the Toronto Argonauts.


Well, let’s talk about the current ownership situation.

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How Can The Argos Get More Fans Out?

Hey there, Argos Empire.  How are ya?  Over Friday’s game yet?  Yeah, me neither.

Glad you could pop by ArgosEndZone today, because Mr. Dave Randorf of “The CFL on TSN” (@DaveRandorf) got me thinking when he posted this on twitter today:

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